Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Not all pest control treatments use pesticides and sprays. Depending on the pest and your circumstances, we can use methods that include physical changes to the environment and trapping. When we do use pesticides we select formulations and baits with the lowest toxicity available and apply these products where pests breed and live. This avoids unnecessary application of these products and minimises any impact to you, your family and your pets.

We recommend that children with allergies should not be exposed to pesticides and pregnant mums should avoid pesticides during their first trimester, this is the safest rule of thumb.

If you have any concerns, speak with your pest control technician before we commence work at your property. Your technician will address any concerns and use the most appropriate method for your situation and peace of mind.

The safety of you and your family and is our top priority. Depending on the pest, there may be a range of different techniques we can use to control pests. These include the placement of products in out of the way places, environmental corrections and non-chemical products.

If you or any member of your family suffers from asthma or is sensitive to chemicals, please lets us know and we will tailor a solution to suit your situation and needs.

All pesticides have natural origins. The most commonly used are the pyrethroids, extracted from certain types of flowers. Today, we typically use man-made versions of these pesticides in the majority of our treatments.
At Mandurah Pest Control we believe it’s our responsibility to help protect the environment while providing effective pest control services to our clients. We are an active member of the AEPMA, (Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association), who maintain a rigorous ‘Code of Ethics’ protecting health, food, property and the environment.

As part of our commitment, the products we use are scientifically tested and designed to have no adverse affects on your health and minimal impact on the natural environment.

Our Integrated Pest Management, (IPM), approach allows us to use an effective combination of treatment methods that avoid the unnecessary application of pest control products.

The safety of your pets is also our top priority.

Other pest management methods may also be recommended where suitable such as tick and flea treatments for pets, (contact your veterinarian for advice on the best product to use). Your technician can provide you with a checklist of what needs to be done before we treat your property. This includes the removal of pets from the property, (or at least from the vicinity of the treatment area). After the treatment your pest control technician will advise you when your property is safe for your pets to enter.

This depends on the type of pest. We focus our treatments on the places that pests live, breed and hide. In the majority of cases, internal treatments are kept well away from contact with you. If you have any concerns, speak with your pest control technician before we commence work at your property. Your technician will address any concerns and modify the treatment for your situation and peace of mind.
We service all of the Peel Region including Mandurah, Rockingham and beyond